Troxell’s Big Red Orchard at the Farmers Market

First a big update to my original post about Troxell’s Apples from Montgomery Creek.

It is not a U-Pick orchard.

Apparently somebody got quite upset when they could not pick their own after having read my original post. You can pick from the apples they have harvested for you, however. Sorry for any confusion. Here’s some good news though. You don’t even have to go out to Montgomery Creek.

You can buy these Fall apples from the orchard direct at the Redding Certified Farmers Market on Saturday mornings.

Troxells Farmers Market

Anyway, below is the original post from some time ago. Probably the prices aren’t current. You can always call them at (530) 337 6699.

Head out Highway 299 east from Redding for about 34 miles. Just past the Montgomery Creek School on the right, you’ll find Troxell’s Big Red Orchard. That’s the place to go to buy fresh apples. 19269 Montgomery Valley Drive.


Troxells6Troxells5Gerald Troxell will help you figure out which apple will work best for your particular appetite, or for what cooking plans you have in mind. They’ve got all the popular varieties. The Round Mountain/Montgomery Creek microclimate has always been well suited to apple orchards.

“A is for apple, shiny and round.”

Bag them yourself, a dollar fifty a pound.

(Edit) OMG You just have to try the King David variety!

Fall produce direct from the orchard. It’s Really Redding.


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