Corbetts and Shasta Wine Merchants in Redding

One of downtown Redding’s unique restaurants is Corbetts, on Pine Street. Also home to Shasta Wine Merchants. We recall it as the restaurant across from the Greyhound Station. Alas, Redding’s landmark downtown bus station is no more. But it has been recently replaced with a beautiful building.

Corbetts southeast exterior view
Corbetts Dining 2

Luckily, Corbetts stands alone for their food and atmosphere. We were there near closing for these photos. Usually, the place is teeming with regulars.
Corbetts DiningCorbetts Wine areaCorbetts Wine area 2
Corbetts TurkeyYou can order anything from the menu, which is breakfast and lunch. Today, The lovely Karry chose the Ribeye Steak Sandwich special on Dutch Crunch. I went for the Turkey Avocado BLT with artichoke. We both noticed the quality ingredients, especially the vine ripe tomatoes. We’ve become spoiled by our own home grown produce. We don’t often find that good quality produce in restaurants, so it stood out.
Corbetts RibeyemeltOpen from 7 am to 3 pm daily, or so we think. They don’t seem to have a website. Owners Chris and Mel Corbett are usually there to greet you, (530) 241-2303. Located at 1455 Pine Street, in Really Redding California.


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