Lulus Eating and Drinking Establishment

Today we’re looking at Lulu’s Eating and Drinking Establishment, located at the terminus of Pine, California, South Market, and Cypress.  “All roads lead to Lulu’s.”Lulus frontAt first, you might think it an ordinary hotel/motel based diner. But it’s definitely not ordinary. It’s a full bar too, and you can order drinks. Strong drinks in fact.
Lulus Main diningOverheard in the booth adjacent, “I want a Steak Diane, but with Chicken.” The waitress hesitated only briefly to consider that menu idea before agreeing and setting a price. “And bring us 2 tequila shots.” No hesitation at all on that afternoon request.

Lulus Chickenfried steakClassic American Diner Cuisine. I ordered the Chicken Fried Steak, and the lovely Karry opted for the Prime Rib Sandwich. “We serve a lot of Prime Rib,” says our waitress. You can order everything from their extensive menu, at all hours.

Maybe next time I’ll order “Prime Rib Sandwich, only with chicken,” just to see if the waitress even hesitates.

Lulus Prime RibIt’s bigger inside than it looks from the outside. The decor is meant to be sort of an ersatz Barbary Coast. But that look is hardly an artifice in Redding, which has seen it’s fair share of bordellos. Redding has been a logging, mining, dam building kind of place, and Lulu’s captures our Western essence very well.
Lulus Lounge
Lulus BarBack here in the meeting room, they used to have the Shasta Blues Society jams on Thursday nights. All that’s left of the blues seems to be the carpet.
Lulus Meeting roomLulu’s has a website with menus. And a Facebook page to Like.
Lulu websiteHappy Hour starts every day at 3 pm. But you can be happy you came to Lulu’s anytime. It’s Really Redding.


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