A European city with a Redding flavor

This part of Valencia Spain is called the City of Arts and Sciences. Designed by architect Santiago Calatrava. Visiting felt immediately familiar to this Reddingite. Here are a few images I captured a couple weeks ago. Click on any to slightly expand.
Calatrava 5 smThose tile covered night lighting fixtures look very familiar.
Calatrava 7 sm

Calatrava 9 sm

Calatrava 10 sm

Calatrava1 sm

Calatrava3 sm

Calatrava2 -sm

Calatrava 4 -sm

Calatrava 8 sm

Calatrava 11 smAll so very photogenic. There are more (and better) Valencia images at the Calatrava website. Worth a look. Beautiful examples of his signature work. And here’s an interesting interview with the architect from a few years back.

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