Don’t miss 2 Across at Riverfront Playhouse

Wow, this is local theater tour de force. Take two of Redding’s most experienced actors and put them in a play that is little more than constant tightly written dialog.
2across1The play takes place on a BART train in the wee hours of a morning commute. We’re taken along with these two on their journey from strangers to intimacy in two compelling but funny acts that breeze by like scenery from the train.2across2The spare action contrasts with the quick wit, and soon you are drawn into to the inner worlds of these complex characters. Their love of the New York Times crossword puzzles serving as theme to solving the puzzles of their own lives. The outcome is satisfying, and perhaps predictable. But the journey is so utterly engaging that the destination seems only an afterthought.2across3Obtaining tickets to a Riverfront production is ridiculously simple. Log in to the Cascade Theatre website at the link, and pick your seats. Tickets with our printed name on them were waiting at the door. It works flawlessly.2across4Terrific work by actors Bob Koroluck, and Lisa Murphy Collins. Directed by Kay Overbay. You’ve still got a few dates to choose from. Don’t miss your train!

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