Do local acorns predict a rough Winter ahead?

I’ve heard that bit of Redding lore. If true, our backyard oaks are telling us to buy a new coat, and stack another cord of wood. Acorn production this season has become overwhelming.Acorns1


Acorns4We’ll collect these and put them out back for the wildlife that depends on the oaks. Native people would know what to do with this year’s abundance, but I don’t know any good acorn recipes. What wine goes with acorn?

Acorns5They haven’t even finished falling!
Acorns6Longtime readers will recall images I took of a squirrel harvesting our oaks. But this year, we’ve seen few squirrels. As for Winter, we’ll find out soon enough. Mornings are now quite brisk. A sure sign of the season’s approach.

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