An Autumn visit to magic Burney Falls finds solitude

Waterfalls are magical, always. But nearby Burney Falls has no equal as the most magical of all local waterfalls. Water springs forth from the earth itself, only to fall to mist from a beautiful basalt cliff. With Summer’s tourist season over, but before new snow falls, you can enjoy the pristine magic of Burney Falls State Park almost to yourself.
BurneyFalls1280Click to expand. Certainly, one of the most photographed of local landmarks. It’s only just about an hours drive from Redding. So in some way the familiarity makes it easy to forget. But the magic beckons.
BurneyFallsA1280A few hundred yards upstream, the creekbed is dry at the surface. This water gushes from a lavabed aquifer to an azure pool 129 feet beneath. And then it goes on to fill Lake Britton.

LakeBritton3-1280Fall. Magic. Solitude. It’s Really Redding.

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