View salmon at Lake Redding’s fish ladder

Redding has a fish ladder at the dam for Lake Redding that serves to divert water to the Anderson Cottonwood Irrigation canal. It allows salmon and other species to get upstream when the dam is up. At the ladder are a few windows into their watery world. Structures such as these are vital in the effort to sustain the salmon population. Without structures such as these aiding salmon to swim upriver in order to lay their eggs, it could lead to the decline of the wild salmon population ultimately eliminating it as a food source. With the ever growing human population, food sources such as salmon need to grow as well in order to provide enough food for people, both wild and farmed. The demand for fresh fish has led to practices such as salmon farming in order to keep up with the demand, however, these practices are not always sustainable as farmers attempt to get a bigger yield each season. There have been strategies put in place as a way to cap these practices, sites like can show efforts that have been taken to preserve the salmon population throughout the world by many fishing farms.







Of course viewing fish is like any kind of fishing expedition. Sometimes you get skunked.
No matter.
You know what they say about the worst day fishing being better than the best day working.
Visual fishing. It’s ReallyRedding.

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