Market Faire today, Redding California in 2013.

I like the interesting juxtaposition of elements in this photo from Market Faire a few weeks back. Click to expand the image. Examine the components.

Photo 2013 by Skip Murphy
Our Car Culture on Market Street, both background and foreground.
The Busker with the Blond Dreadlocks plays guitar to a Tattooed Man.
The Comely Woman in the Black Skull T-Shirt, looking right into the camera.
The guy with the Backwards Hat and a tattoo too, over by the motorcycles, also looking. Are you seeing me?
The Blond Woman in the Red Mustang with Gold Sunglasses completes the foreground. On her way somewhere, somewhat urgently.
This image has a lot going on, and so it speaks. A frozen reflection of our life and our time in our town. Thanks Market Faire.

Photo 2013 by Skip Murphy

2013 Really Redding, just like they imagined it back in 1929. Not!
OldMap of redding 2
What will 2029 Redding look like? More tattoos, evidently.

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