Fajitas for Fathers Day via Upstate News

I like to read the Sunday papers in the morning, when I can. A local Redding business named Upstate News delivers the Chronicle to our door. Reading the Food section of the Chron always makes me really hungry, though. Yesterday was quiet, so I decided to follow the featured recipe from writer Lynn Char Bennett for marinated skirt steak fajitas. I didn’t take any pictures of my results since I was too busy eating, but really I did like how it turned out. I can recommend that you try her “Marinade can work some magic” at the link.SkirtSteakFajitaUpstate News will deliver any of several newspapers to your door, including USA Today and the New York Times. They are also planning on delivering the Sacramento Bee soon, so call (530) 246-2333 if you want to inquire about that.

We still like newsprint. And we are fortunate to live in an area where a San Francisco newspaper still feels somewhat local.

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  1. Bruce Ross says:

    Thanks for the tip, Skip. By coincidence, I had a skirt steak in the fridge. Now marinating overnight for a fine supper tomorrow.

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