Uncommon view of Redding from the West Hills

Out showing a home in the west hills looking over a Spring cloud Redding evening skyline lends an uncommon perspective to otherwise familiar landmarks. From here, the Diestlehorst, Rail Trestle, and Sundial bridges become neighbors. Click to enlarge a bit.
Redding California by Skip MurphyBelow we see Highway 44 going east, with Shasta Regional Medical Center in the foreground, and leading off to big-boxville.
Redding California by Skip MurphyBelow, a view of Greenstone Place from on a hill in west Redding. A lovely neighborhood of gracious homes framed in green hills and red cliffs on a warm Spring evening.
Redding California by Skip Murphy
Even commonplace sights are all extraordinary in our town. It’s Really Redding.Redding California by Skip Murphy

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