Uneasy about Drones

The local paper ran an article today about the government using drone aircraft to aid in local fire fighting.
Courtesy of Redding.com
I’m uneasy about the use of drones over our heads. I can’t be the only one. Our meager uneasiness must be a fraction of the fear felt in places where the primary use of drone aircraft is military. How long until we have drones in our sky overhead, “for our safety.”
The Fist of God, but a button push away. It’s worth considering what that will be like.

seagulls from Mato Atom on Vimeo.

seagulls https://twitter.com/matoatom/status/302170010690932736

Big Little Red Riding Hood: Celeste Thorson – http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2294576
Little Little Red Riding Hood: Sarah M.
DP Assistance: Matt Lim
Soundtrack: Clinton Francis
Production Support: Seabright Pictures – http://seabrightpictures.com

Written, directed & post production: Mato Atom – http://www.matoatom.net

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