Ascending Mt Shasta

Ran into this video of a couple climbers summit of Mt Shasta, our picturesque namesake here in Shasta County. Apparently a climb made in May. I was struck by the contrast in equipment to tales from locals who years ago would climb the summit in tennis shoes and jeans (not recommended). Anyway, it goes on for a while but is very well done.

Summiting the Volcano, Climbing Mt. Shasta in California in the Cascades from Ryan Commons on Vimeo.


These are helpful Links:
* Best Map (good price and helpful):
* Planning Book (fun read and informative):
* Essential Gear Item:
* Blog:
* Guiding Service:
* Weather Report:
* Boot, Crampon, & Axe Rental:

Get in touch with me if you have questions about climbing Mt. Shasta and pre-climb preparation. I'm happy to answer your questions in the comments section below.

Video Summary: I first climbed Mt. Shasta with my dad in 1999 as a preparation trip for climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro; I've been wanting to share the Mt. Shasta experience with others ever since. This video is intended to show prospective climbers what it is like to leave from the Bunny Flat parking lot and climb to the summit via the Avalanche Gulch route.

Please let me know if you have good information or links that I can share here.


Ryan Commons

All video and pictures captured with the Canon 200SX:

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* Don't Get Lost in Heaven by The Gorillaz:
* Road to Nowhere by Ozzy Osborne:
* Parachutes by Coldplay:
* Tightrope Walker by The Hudson Branch:
* Flume by Bon Iver:
* Everything to Nothing by Manchester Orchestra:
* Time to Pretend by MGMT:

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