Bright lights, big city – Redding from Space at night

NASA recently published hi-def imagery of Earth at night. Redding is pointed out below. I was surprised at the brightness of our urban light, from miles above.
Redding at nightGrants Pass, Medford, Klamath Falls. Familiar places, from top to bottom, with Interstate 5 visibly leading down to Sacramento and the Bay Area. Like neurons and ganglia connecting a living planetary nerve system.
Often enough, the space scientists of NASA discover more truth and beauty of our Earth than of the sky. Click on the image below for a full sized view.Earth at night courtesy of NASAVisible patterns of our civilization (colonization?). So very interesting to see, and to ponder. The planet lit like an orbiting Christmas Tree. All these human made photons, flowing out into Space.
Click for video
Presented here with immense gratitude to NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

Yeah, it is rocket science. It’s Really Redding.

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