A musical tribute to the Sundial Bridge

Yesterday’s RS editorial mentioned at piece of music composed and to be performed for Redding’s 125th anniversary. Should be nice to see and hear. I was reminded that local composer and recording artist Craig Padilla once wrote and performed a compelling piece to honor the Sundial Bridge in Redding. Reposted below, from a post first published in 2010:
Sundial Bridge in Redding California by Skip Murphy
Here’s a live recording of Sundial Bridge by Craig Padilla. It was recorded on the patio of the cafe of the south end of the bridge. It’s about 20 minutes of symphonic electronic music. It starts off quietly, until it begins to soar. I accompanied Craig, and ran audio. There is no mic on the audience, but you do hear our voices briefly at the very end.
Sundial bridge2 by SkipMurphy The Sundial Bridge has arguably become the chief symbol of Redding California. The designer of the bridge is a world famous architect named Santiago Calatrava.
The folks at the host Turtle Bay Museum seemed happy to have us play. Playing live there was a tall challenge. The venue was really hot (thermal hot, not swinging hot). The setting at the cafe was not acoustically great for either listeners or players. And for an art museum, the staff seemed thoroughly unimpressed that a world famous musician and recording artist had composed a complete symphonic music composition named after the bridge, just for the occasion. Like, “Yeah, that’s nice.”
Anyway, I came across the recording in the studio, and thought I’d share it with the world again. At least, that part of the world that wasn’t at the event. Like any live recording, it has some issues and flaws, but I think the spirit of the muse comes across intact. See what you think.

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