I repair a smashed iPad!

So I dropped Erin’s iPad in the driveway. Like some slow motion segment of a horror film. Nooooo….
Broken iPad
Despite good advice to the contrary, I set about replacing the shattered glass on the fondle-slab (as they are called in the U.K.).Heating the glueOf course, it’s glued together. Not exactly service friendly. Armed with just enough knowledge to be dangerous via Youtube, I press on.
Steve Jobs is spinning in his grave at this point. Sorry, Steve.
Prying it looseTurn it off, foolTiny shards of glass aim for my eyes, like razorblade glitter.
Flat batteriesFlat batteries. Pretty amazing technology.
iPad 2 repair sceneIt abruptly occurs to me that I probably should have turned it off first. Yeah, too late now.
Broken digitizerThe glass digitizer is just a little broken.
LuckySometimes, you just get lucky. DIY gizmo repair. That’s Really Redding.

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