“Looking for my guitar” – Yamaha FG-612S sold in Redding 2 years ago

Saw this plea on Craigslist a year ago. Renee tells me she’d still like to find it, so I am re-posting it. Maybe you can help. In the greater scheme of things, it’s perhaps not crucial. But a poetic return of the instrument is pleasing to consider.

“It’s a long story, but here goes. First of all, PLEASE do not delete this. My name is Renee. My mother and I lived in Redding in the 70’s and I bought this guitar from Bernie’s when I was just 15. I worked a whole summer to afford it. I’d read many reviews on The Sound Junky about this guitar so I knew it was a good one.

My mom contributed half the money, and I gave her my Oldesmobile, Delta 88 to cover that. I really LOVED this guitar and all the cool accessories I had with it, as you can imagine.

My daughters were both played to, nightly, while in my stomach, with this guitar, and it lulled them to sleep while I sung songs to them with it as they grew up. Now, 27 and 20, they loved it also.

I sung to my sister, when she was alive with it, and my father. I have lost them, all 3 now…mom, dad and sisters (both).

Well, I’m 46 now. I had that guitar til 2 years ago, when my mom’s heart went into failure. She was in RMC for 45 days before she passed away, and I live in Red Bluff, and I just couldn’t afford to drive every day back and forth, so I was forced to pawn my guitar to Olde West Guns and Loan.

She died. 46 days into the driving back and forth, I lost my beloved mother, and worse, I went into a horrible depression and lost my guitar.

There’s not a price you can put on the value of it…and it’s got memories from me, while I owned it nearly 30 years.

When I came out of the depression a bit, I went to get it out and to try to piece my life back together, but discovered that the pawn ticket had lapsed during my mourning. I lost my guitar…and I know, it’s my fault, but if anyone out there happened to buy it, please, please, please, give me a call and let’s talk about how I can buy it back. I’m anything but rich…but I guarantee, it will go back to where it belongs, and I will even HELP you find another guitar if that is the issue.

This isn’t just a guitar. It’s a symbol of the memory of my mother and me working together to achieve something…the memories of the time my two daughters were inside my stomach, and the times I sung for both my parents while they were alive, and my sister who’s also passed, at all the holidays. It is an item that cannot be priced, or have a price put on it.

My # is 530-355-7573. I’d be so glad to find out it’s alive…that someone has a huge heart and understands how MUCH this means to my family, and will help me relocate it.”

Here’s an image of such a guitar from Google. Looks like a lovely 12 string, but obviously it holds more than just music for the writer. Do you know where this instrument went?
More than a guitar

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