Bob Moore and his mill provide bountiful whole grain goodness

Redding wouldn’t be complete without our grain mill. All great civilizations throughout history have relied on gristmills to provide the staff of life, going back to the Old Testament. Our terrific local mill is Moores Mill, founded by miller Bob Moore.Bob Moore of Moores Mill in ReddingMoores when it came to ReddingI recall when they originally opened shop, in a quonset style building on Highway 273. Acceptance of the new venture was not guaranteed. Some local opinions I recall were that white, so called “enriched” flour was the modern wonder food. Whole grains, coarsely ground, seemed an anachronistic, outdated idea to many.

Not for me. I’ve been a regular customer and raving fan since their inception. For me, Redding’s (and my) quality of life would be diminished greatly without Moores Mill.

Moores Mill in ReddingMoores Mill in ReddingThey have subsequently expanded into other related human-friendly foods. Spices. Teas. Specialty beans. Creative pasta I have not seen anywhere else. And amazing bread mixes for bread machines. The Cranberry Walnut bread is sublime. Recipes, and books. Juices and local honey. I could go on and on.

We actually buy Grains and Nut Granola there in 25 lb bags(!), and eat it for breakfast. Mixed with plain yougurt, it’s the true breakfast of champions. Throw in some sunflower seeds, and chop some fresh almonds in.
Is it health food or desert? No need to choose. It’s both.
Moores Mill in ReddingThere has probably never been a single day that something from Moores was not in my kitchen, since 1975. The staff of life. Mills have always played an important role in Shasta County (see Millville). Thanks Bob.
Moores Mill proves the wisdom: 23 Jeremiah 1–19 As Ye Sow, So Shall Ye Reap.
A harvest of goodness.

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