Redding Dragstrip begins 2012 season with Street Legal Race

Street legal racing at the Redding Dragstrip keeps competitive spirits with powerful machines from racing on the streets of our community.
Redding dragstripIt’s safe and legal to speed at RDS. Saturday, putting the hammer down at 6pm.
Just $5 gets you in, $10 to race. Redding style prices, for sure.
Redding dragstripBetter here than on the street. Modern motorcycles have astonishing speed. Just gotta try it out somewhere…
Redding dragstrip jet carOh by the way, The Beast will return for Kool April Drags. This year the plan is to chain a car to the back of this thing and toast it. A “Car-B-Que.” I kid you not. Two nights in a row! That should be…I don’t know what, but I’ll be there.

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