Gas prices in perspective

From my phone, I posted an image onto Facebook of what looks like high gas prices in Redding.
Fuel prices in Redding Gas$90 bucks for 20 gallons. I got some interesting comments about the “high” cost fuel. The thing about Facebook, and the internet actually, is the global nature of the viewers. I got 2 comments from the UK:

Nick Rothwell: “Wow … that’s almost as high as half what we pay in the UK.”
Ben Richards: “You’d have a revolution if you saw UK prices”

Presumably, Ben meant “another” revolution. But I get the point. I wondered what they pay in the UK vs US so I went to WolframAlpha for a gas price computation. Here are the top 10 countries for gas prices:
Wow indeed. I guess “high priced gas” is a relative term. Still, I don’t think we in the US are set up to run on $8 gas, unlike say, the Netherlands. And saying that, we may need to look more closely at how they manage it.

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