The Afterthought Mine in Ingot, east of Redding

If you drive out past Bella Vista on Highway 299 going east, it starts to follow Cow Creek in a canyon. Right about there, is Ingot, former home of the Afterthought Mine. It used to be easy to spot when the big smelter ruins were mostly intact, but they have been dismantled over the years. We have a painting of how it looked in 1973, done by a family friend Mrs. Esterdahl.
The Afterthought Mine SmelterOld timers will probably recognize it. At some point I acquired a $500 bond issued for the mine from 1909. It pays an annual dividend of 6%. Payable in gold coins, of course, maturing in 1913. Kind of fun to think about that. Knowing something of local mining realities, I wonder if the bearer was ever paid at all. Just an afterthought now.
Ingot mine bond

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We have an old Shasta County mine listed for sale, if you’ve a mind to try your hand. It’s the Jealous Quartz Mine, southwest of Shasta Dam. Let us know if you’d like to buy it!

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  1. Brandon Leathers says:

    That mine has over 20,oo0 ft of shafts!
    Do you know where they are located?
    I think I’ve found them but I think there are back filled in.
    Do you know how to get a mining claim on that property?

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