My father passed away this morning.

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My father passed away this morning. It was not entirely unexpected. He had been in Hospice, but had outlived that program with a certain glee. All of us know our days are numbered, but we all knew his number was a rather low integer, now zero. I am in mourning, but it feels better to write this much about it. Not sure of the decorum of announcing such things on the internet. So be it.

Our family's gratitude goes out to the fine staff of Mercy MedicalI need to say a big thank you to Dr. John Coe. And also to all the extraordinary professionals of Redding’s Mercy Medical Center. In this world, mercy is often in short supply. But at the hospital, staff seems always able to come up with an extra ounce when it’s needed most. Thanks everyone.

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2 Responses to My father passed away this morning.

  1. Bill & Mari Wolff says:

    Skip, our condolences to you on the passing of your father, I went though it a couple years ago and know it is a difficult time. lots of memories help.
    Best Wishes from Mari and I.

  2. Geraldine Goodwin says:

    My heart is with the family at this very sad time…..

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