State of the City of Shasta Lake looks bright

Shasta Lake CityI had the pleasure of attending the State of the City luncheon for Shasta Lake City today. Mayor Rod Lindsay addressed the attendees, and later offered a presentation about the good things happening in Shasta Lake. Actually, quite a bit of good. SLC has always been a favorite place for me. Down to earth and funky, and not much attempt made to hide that fact. The Boomtown roots still define the place. The city never made a lot from sales tax, so the current slump hasn’t hit quite so hard as elsewhere. This new Sheriff substation is setting an upscale tone. I went over and took a look for myself today after seeing it in the presentation, and I have to say it really looks grand. Built for LEED certification as well.
Sheriff station in Shasta Lake CityShasta Lake City
Good work, Shasta Lake City. Keep it up.

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