Mesmerizing rush hour time lapse short video

This looks so alien to my Redding eyes. Like so many daredevils. Here’s a brief video I felt compelled to watch multiple times.

Turns out this YouTuber has posted similar videos made in snow and rain too, though presumably not in 100 degree sun. Still, I just watched it again. And I keep looking for fat people, or anyone on a motorized wheelchair. Where are all the people on motorized wheelchairs in this Dutch town? It’s so unfamiliar looking.
Bicyclists in Redding had best wear helmets. Armor is appropriate, actually. Recent local stories like this, and this one from one of my favorite columnists in our local newspaper give one pause. Justifiably. There’s a reason why most of the bicycles you see in Redding are attached to the back of cars and trucks going somewhere else.
The end of oilIsn’t Shell Oil a Dutch company? What’s up with that? Today it was announced that we are tapping into our Strategic Oil Reserve to temporarily bring gas prices down a few pennies. Wouldn’t want anyone to start seriously looking for alternate forms of transportation, now would we?

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  1. Mary A says:

    Was this in Castella? Kinda looks like a store that was there several years ago. And this is about all that is left. If so ask me about a story I have.

  2. Yes, yes helmets for all cyclists! I almost got taken out by a truck, trailer, boat combo the other day on my way up to the Dam. The truck turned right into me and the only thing that saved me was that I was close enough to slap the truck on the hood. I don’t think the driver would have ever seen me otherwise. Be safe out there everyone and tuck your noggin underneath a properly fitting helmet.

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