Relax -new old music

Horse, photographed by Erin Murphy

Way back in the ’90s, Chico DJ Ron Dare came to Dancing Astronaut Studio in Redding for a night of jamming. Craig Padilla laid down this track, while Ron and I played along. Ron had some kind of Korg synth, and spun this vinyl disc of spoken word relaxation of unknown origin. Recently I pulled this dusty recording out of the archive and juiced the levels a bit. I don’t see how we could ever release it, due to the fact we’d have no way to get permission to use the spoken word vinyl. But its a very pleasant track to hear, scratchy vinyl clicks and all. Quite relaxing. It brings back memories of DJ Ron Dare who hosted college radio at KCHO in Chico, with his Music for a New Age program Sunday nights. One of the very few places to hear our kind of music around here prior to the internet age. Good times. Thanks Craig and Ron.
Relax2011 by SkipMurphy

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