Car collides with boat on Keswick Dam Road

Or perhaps the boat collided with the car? We came upon this odd scene today. Karry snapped a few images as we gingerly rolled by. We hope everyone’s okay.
Keswick Dam Road in Redding Ca
On the way to Keswick CA
Boating accident on Keswick dam road
going towards hwy 299wBoating accidents where you least expect them. That’s Really Redding.

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4 Responses to Car collides with boat on Keswick Dam Road

  1. Debbie Pastega says:

    That was our boat and the car collided with us. He was going way too fast on the 20 mph curve, crossed the yellow line and was coming at us head-on! My husband got us onto the shoulder before the head-on and the guy slammed into our trailer and spun the boat off and into the bank! Fortunately, everyone walked away. This just goes to show that people need to pay attention to their driving and why there are road signs. They are posted for a reason! We could have all been killed and gone over the cliff because of carelessness!

    • Skip@RR says:

      That’s a dangerous corner. It seems to have a decreasing radius, and it sneaks up on the unaware. I’m glad to hear all were okay. How did you get the boat out of there, and was it badly damaged? (Gives new meaning to the phrase “boat launch”)

  2. Debbie says:

    The boat was lifted onto a flatbed towing truck. It will probably be totaled! Now we’re having “fun” with the insurance company!

  3. Malcolm Garrett says:

    How are you all. Was the boat a write off and if so have you got a new one?

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