Jetcar blast video from last night’s Kool April Drags

Watch the guy in the middle get literally blasted by the jetwash last night. This is a video I took at the Kool April Drags event at the Redding Dragstrip. Interesting to see the car nearest the camera pulling up to the line with it’s brakes on, and yet still moving forward. Watch the middle guy’s hat. Big fun! They’re doing it again tonight. More at

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  1. Bob says:

    Your video (loved it) reminded me of racing pioneer Walt Arfons. What Walt did in the 1960’s with his jet powered dragsters was nothing short of “wow” for those of us around who appreciated his out of the box thinking . I still think of Arfons as being the first true jet-setter. Here’s a little history:

    “On August 6, 1960, Walt introduced the first jet engined dragster. He also introduced the use of a parachute to stop the car, since unlike the piston engines, the jet engine did not provide braking when shut off. Arfons is also credited with being the first to torch a junked car with the exhaust from his jet dragster, in order to provide entertainment for the crowd at Indianapolis Raceway Park one year when the race had been rained out.

    In the midst of the Detroit automakers’ performance competition in 1967, Chrysler Corporation gave Arfons a Dodge Dart, Plymouth Barracuda, and Dodge Charger to convert into dragsters. He simply fastened jet engines into the stock cars, with most of the accessories still installed and working. These were such crowd pleasers that he later built fiberglass-bodied jet funny cars, a Chevrolet Camaro and a Mercury Comet.

    Arfons also partnered with Tom Green to build the jet powered Wingfoot Express, which held the World Land Speed Record for three days during the battle between Art Arfons and Craig Breedlove.

    In 1965, Walt Arfons built Wingfoot Express2, which reached 605 mph, but it did not qualify for an official record. It used 25 units of JATO rocket.”

    • Skip@RR says:

      That guy must have been nuts. Every time I see these cars, I think to myself “Who would do this?” They are crowd pleasers, for sure, but strictly looney tunes.

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