Please vote to end Prohibition

Stoneys in Redding CAThe image above captures it all for me; the lunacy, the hypocrisy. I know Proposition 19 is not the perfect answer, but what we are doing now is worse. It’s not about encouraging drug use. That happens whether we like it or not. It’s about enabling organized crime, and training young people to ignore our laws based on hypocrisy. Time to send a message about personal liberty, common sense, and some recognition of reality. This step won’t end the argument, but please join me tomorrow in voting to repeal Prohibition again.

The image above shows a business in the foreground named Stoneys that mostly sells pipes for smoking marijuana. They may also sell some Wholesale Vape Pens, but the point stands. An apparently legitimate business serving the needs of the illegal drug using population. The large building in the background is the Shasta County Jail, located right across the street, ready to incarcerate Stoney’s clientele who come looking for the best product to smoke their aaaa weed with. No doubt you and I can rationalize this evident contradiction of black and white laws in a gray world. But what message are we sending our young people, who are trying to make sense of the world and our culture? It would make more sense if the drug was legal and controlled, really. That way at least this confused message will not be sent out any longer. I’m convinced the unintended message is that drug laws are to be ignored, and by extension perhaps all societal laws are just a joke. The hypocrisy is poisonous.

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