Erin auditions for the Bachelor TV show

One of Erin’s friends suggested it’d be fun for her to be on the Bachelor TV show. I didn’t know much about the show. She asked me to help make an audition video, and here it is. It was unscripted, and Erin was pretty nervous in front of the camera. That much is clear. Still, she did go on to get further interviews, and they flew her down to L.A. for the finals.

It’s amusing to watch in retrospect. She was held to strict confidentiality, up until they told her a few days ago that she didn’t get the part. I’m okay with that outcome, to tell the truth. The more I learned about the show, the less I liked the whole idea. It sounded like fun at first, but according to Erin they were quite intrusive. The whole thing was a lot more regulated than one might think. Of course, that makes sense. In a reality TV show, casting is everything. And so is the element of surprise, so they have to be quite careful in their selection process. If she had gone on, I think it would have been very much a good news/bad news scenario. Well, we’ll never know, now.

BTW. The Gold Hills Golf Course home shown is still for sale. Happy to show it if you like it.

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