The Squire Room

Redding bar The Squire Room
Warning to all married dudes about the Squire Room!

If you use your plastic, your credit card statement will read “Thunderbird Lounge.” There is no Thunderbird Lounge in Redding, but there is a Thunderbird Lodge right next to the Squire Room, which is exactly the sort of place in downtown Redding where, if you’re a mack daddy, you might be hooking up with a Craigslist “masseuse.”

Because I’m such a playa, TL has been all up in my mobile phone and email and bank accounts and DNA signature since long before Elin Nordegren Woods decided to take a 3-iron to hubby Tiger’s well-deserving dome. To make matters worse, TL was out of town on the date that the the damning credit card charge posted.
Redding bar The Squire Room
I had to call the Squire Room on speaker phone and ask my man if they were in any way affiliated with Thunderbird Lodge, and if that explained that nasty $38 “Thunderbird Lounge” charge on my VISA, which coincidentally is about what you might expect to be charged for a room at the Thunderbird Lodge.

My man on the speaker phone is like, “Uh huh. Same owner.”

Mmmfuuuck. Not cool, my man. Not cool.

Yelp review by Buzz Fledderjohn, in whose Palo Cedro yard I am not allowed. Photos by Skip Murphy.
Redding bar The Squire Room

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