Paranormal activity in Redding? Who you gonna call…?

I received a call from Lynette Gooch of River Cities Paranormal Society, NorCal Chapter. It seems she had run across an entry in another blog post I wrote about a Redding house for sale with some paranormal qualities. I assured her my post was meant to be entirely tongue in cheek, as it happens. But her intentions were completely serious. She explained that she was part of a team of local folks who are in turn affiliated with a larger group, who investigate claims of the paranormal. She introduced me to their website, and you can click on it below. Their team operates without charge, and has a set of expertise and instruments to investigate… uh, ghosts and such. You can click on the various pages at their site, and learn a lot more about them and their intriguing field of inquiry. Who you gonna call? (530) 255 GHST (4478), in fact.

Looking over their site, I didn’t see any Plasma Rays (Don’t cross the streams!) for actually dealing with any paranormal activity they might detect, but perhaps they keep their Proton Packs at the ready, just in case they run across Gozer, or Zuul even. Lynnette sounded very serious about all. And I’m just poking fun with my Ghostbuster references, but how cool would it be to find something truly inexplicable? Sometimes in the real estate trade, you do see and hear about the weirdest things in people’s houses. So click on the site below to see what to do about it. Thanks Lynette!

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