Our Asphalt Cowboy Pancake Breakfast music video

As promised, we took a few more shots of the 2010 Asphalt Cowboys pancake breakfast at Roaring Gulch in Redding.

The music we used is something of a funny story. I am very sensitive about using another artist’s music on a video without permission, since I’ve had that happen to my music. YouTube has a library of songs in different styles that the artist has given permission to use in advance. That option was broken when I was downloading this video, so I couldn’t pull up a Country & Western type tune, but the  “I’m Feeling Lucky” button functioned. It pulled up this song, and after getting over the style, and watching it a couple times, it seemed to fit the images appropriately. See what you think.

For more images of this great weekend, Paul Heath, a Redding photographer we admire very much, did the definitive Redding Rodeo Week slide show here at A News Cafe. Nice work, as usual. Paul makes a brief appearance in our video trying to get a shot of the photogenic Chita Johnson of KRCR.

Thanks to Redding and the Asphalt Cowboys for a very cool tradition. It’s Really Redding.

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