(old) Brick’s Smokehouse BBQ & Grille, on 1718 Placer in Redding

Note: Brick’s is still going strong, but has moved since this post first ran.

There’s a new BBQ joint in town, Brick’s Barbecue and Smokehouse, on Placer just east of Court Street. Longtime Redding folks will recall this as the old Between the Bun restaurant.
You’ll be enchanted by the smell before anything else. They cook with fragrant smoke.
Looks like a family affair. Here’s owner Mike, with his son Dakota.
The kitchen is super clean. The food is terrific and plentiful. We’ll probably be regulars here, and expect they will do well.
Co-owner Solange showed off her lovely Valentine’s nails for fun. Best wishes to this fledgling family business!
Brick’s Smokehouse BBQ & Grille, 1718 Placer can be reached at (530) 245 9158

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