My favorite veteran on Veteran’s Day

Seen above is my dad on October 18 1950 with the motor pool of his company, the 14th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Squad. They are in Japan prior to deploying to Korea for bomb disposal duty as part of the US Army support for the Marines. My dad is fourth from the left in the top row. Seen here as a young man of 18, he’s now 77, and living in Redding along with my mom Pauline.

According to my dad, only 5 of these soldiers seen here survived the “forgotten” war in Korea, with its 54,229 US killed in action. See The Battle of Chosin Reservoir. Click on the image to see a larger view of these young men. Today is a day to consider the faces of those soldiers, and the lives not lived. It’s a big photo, so may require patience to load.

Young George Murphy

He’s not one to talk about it much. I try to imagine disarming weaponry in the freezing cold on the border of China. I guess I can understand not wanting to dwell on it.

Thanks Dad. Thanks to all veterans.

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