A trip to the Farmer's Market leaves Karry speechless.

Today’s sojourn to Redding’s Certified Organic Farmers Market next to our City Hall was fruitful in several ways. Here is some of our haul. I love those Thai Peppers, but a few go a long way. These few yellow onions represent the last of the Walla Walla onion season, we’re told.
Food from Redding's Farmers Market
We needed some Olive Oil, so we stopped at the Olinda Ridge guy’s booth. He insisted we try several varieties from tiny cups on bits of bread. To tell the truth, a lot of the subtlety was lost on me. Grassy, buttery, whatever. Its all good. We liked the idea of the Pomegranate Vinegar. A couple of funny parts: One variety of oil he said was Doni Greenberg’s favorite, and he asked if I’d heard of her. In fact I have. Who knew she was endorsing olive oil?

At one point, he turned to Karry and asked, “ So what do you think of that variety?” A bit of silence ensued. I looked at her face and realized she had swallowed it wrong or something, and temporarily couldn’t speak. That’s when 30+ years of marriage kicked in.

“That works great. I’ll take a half gallon of whatever she had.” 😉

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