A Black Swan event in Anderson

Gaia hotel
Thursday’s Chamber of Commerce Greeters was held at the beautiful Gaia Hotel. It’s a lovely property, built with the deliberate use of environmentally conscious materials.
Greeters at Gaia hotel
Great turnout, and the food was terrific. The staff was first rate. These movers and shakers of the local business community remain upbeat in the face of the economic downturn. It seemed to me that there was more of an air of grim determination than I had noticed before.
Swans at Gaia hotel
These are 2 of the hotel’s 4 swans. A Black Swan is a metaphor for something that seemingly cannot exist, and then suddenly, it does.

1. Event has appeared by complete surprise.

2. Event has a major impact.

3. Event, after it has appeared, is ‘explained’ by human hindsight.

“The problem Taleb identified with banks and trading firms was that they were very vulnerable to Black Swans and were exposed to huge losses beyond what their defective models projected.”

Greetings from a world where Black Swans do exist.

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