Fire on a windy day

Fire in redding
I got that call you don’t want to hear at work. It’s a friend. “Hey, there’s a fire, and it looks like it may be near your house.” Sure enough, at about 11:30 and there’s a big fire in the north of Redding. You can get good coverage at and listen to the workers and fire people. It looks like we are not in the path for now, but the wind is scary.
Fire on Aug 26
Looking southeast. Fire is a fact of life (and death) here, so is not to be treated lightly. I make sure the pets are rounded up and we are ready to go. I hope all others are safe. I hope no workers are injured. I always feel a little anxious, when I wake up to a windy day in late summer. This year the oak trees seem under distress everywhere, and are unusually brown for only August. They almost looks like they do in October.

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