Turkey day, Redding style

No, I’m not talking about Thanksgiving here. This is about real turkeys who wander the streets where I live in suburban north Redding. Seeing them walk by in a small flock, it’s easy to equate modern birds with prehistoric dinosaurs, as the theory goes. Tyranosaur-Turkey, who knows how closely related they are? We have a lot of human walkers where I live. It’s a nice area to get a little exercise by walking around, but lately some folks have been known to carry a stick. It seems the turkeys wandering about can be aggressive. Turkey-Velociraptor perhaps. One of my neighbors drives a little Honda car, and she said a big Tom chased her car one day. Hmmm, they do seem to have a tough old bird look…..Turkeys in Redding Ca
Seen above, a gang, er, flock of menacing omnivores.

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