Candy Tyme

This has little to do with real estate.

When it’s slow at the real estate kiosk at the mall, you can people watch. There’s this candy store adjacent to the kiosk, Candy Tyme. To be honest, I don’t visit too often because it can be cheaper to buy bulk party snacks online. It features big bins of loose candy that can be opened with the idea that you fill bags below. Bulk candy sold by weight. The thing is, the bins are an irresistible attraction to little kids who(surprise!) just open the bins up and grab candy, or let it spill onto the floor. It happens all the time (or Tyme). I watched an incident again today with a kid grabbing candy and running off.

Here’s the interesting part. Sometimes, a dopey parent is so protective of their kid when caught that they threaten the employees in some way. The best defense is a good offense, obviously. Today a goofy mom started shouting repetitive curses. The weird part, and there always is a weird part, was that she kept repeating that it was good thing she had her cell phone(?). It made for a big scene.
Candy store in Redding

The last time I saw a big incident there, the defensive/offensive parent decided to accuse the hapless Candy Tyme employee of pushing her, after her little angel was caught grabbing candy. The employee beseeched me to act as her witness to the security guard that she had not pushed anyone. It was good trick by the mom, and security sent her packing, not really fooled. It worked OK though.

The most troubling snatch and grab I witnessed was not only seen, but encouraged by the “dad.” Get in quick, and get out quick. Both laughing. It happened so fast I wondered if I had seen it at all. Hard to know what to think about that. I remember thinking of coyotes, showing their young how to hunt. Candy coyotes.

The mall is main street in Redding, and it takes all kinds.

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