Paddle boarding on the Sacramento River in Redding

Sacramento River in Redding
Our local river is deceptively unforgiving. Yesterday from the Sundial, seeing these two with no life jackets on sent chills. Tourists maybe? I haven’t seen anyone do this here before. Perhaps paddle boarding on the river will be an extreme sport that gains some followers, but people please! The river is calm and serene, until abruptly it isn’t. Then, its deathly cold grasp drags your body where it wants. Not where you want. Even with a life jacket, I hope your affairs are in order.
Paddle Boarding the Sacramento in Redding
Common sense is unfortunately rare. But do have a care for your family, and for the first responders charged with your rescue. Or recovery.
Use a lifejacket please
I hope I’m wrong, but I predict dark clouds on the horizon for this sport, on this body of water. It’s Really Redding.

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