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Enjoy Magazine

    • December 2017 — Feel the Joy
      GIVING. We’ve all heard the saying, “It’s better to give than receive.” And we couldn’t agree more!Original article published at Enjoy Magazine



    • We Can Do It with Naomi Parker-Fraley
      A woman stands over a lathe, focused intently on her work, her coveralls nearly grazing the floor. He hair is secured neatly and safely under a red and white polka-dotted scarf.Original article publis …


    • Highlighting Holiday Beauty
      Get out your glitter, folks! It’s that magical time of the year for that holiday razzle-dazzle! Step out of that everyday makeup routine and step into a fabulous and festive 2018.Original article publ …


    • The Siskiyou Ice Rink in Mount Shasta
      If there’s one thing an ice rink needs, it’s ice. Self-explanatory, certainly, but nonetheless, it was an issue at the Siskiyou Ice Rink last year when a compressor failed and the chiller…Original a …



    • Winter Wonderlands
      From a snowy Sundial to an aerial view of majestic Mt. Shasta, it’s easy to see that the North State offers plenty of winter wonderlands.Original article published at Enjoy Magazine


    • Homemade Gifts for the Holidays
      We all have those people in our lives that seem impossible to shop for. Instead of shopping for a gift, try making a personalized gift for your loved ones.Original article published at Enjoy Magazine …


    • A North State Latte Art Tour
      If you enjoy specialty coffees served in a house mug at a comfortable place to hang out for a while, then you may have noticed a heart, tulip or other design in the foam of your latte.Original article …


    • Dandy Lions Children’s Shop in Red Bluff
      Adding to the nostalgia of historic downtown Red Bluff is a toy store called Dandy Lions, with a mission to bring quality, non-toxic play items to kids in a fun way.Original article published at Enjoy …


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