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Enjoy Magazine

    • June 2018 Enjoy—Sound Check
      TIME FOR A SOUND CHECK – crickets chirping, the crack of a baseball bat, the giggles of children splashing in the pool out back? Yes, it’s summer time in the beautiful North State. Are you ready for s …


    • Best Places to Pitch a Tent in the North State
      IT'S TIME TO BUST OUT the bug spray, hiking boots, swimsuit, firewood, flashlights and tents to gear up for camping season in Northern California. Original article published at Enjoy Magazine …


    • Summertime Fun at Velocity Island Park
      IN 1985, Tony Finn created the Skurfer: great idea, perhaps not so great a name. The board was a cross between a surfboard and water skis (get it?), and remained somewhat of an obscure water sport thr …



    • My Town
      For as long as I can remember, I have hungered for adventure. I’ve always felt like I live my life in search of a borderland somewhere right on the edge, between the wild and the civilized.Original ar …




    • Small Ways to Show Big Love to Dad
      FINDING THE PERFECT WAY to honor Daddy Dearest on Father’s Day has proven a daunting task for many an adult child. We’ve all drifted aimlessly down store aisles, hoping an idea worthy enough will emer …


    • Lassen's Volcano Adventure Camp
      THERE’S MUCH to be learned in a place with no cell service but plenty of stars. Camping in the forest is an opening to discoveries about nature — and yourself. Original article published at Enjoy Maga …


    • Redding’s Major 7th Band
      THE DRUMS, SAX, PIANO, guitar and bass all come together in a melody filling the room with a rhythmic ambience. The crowd moves to the beat with smiles on their faces and toes tapping. Original articl …


Jefferson Journal

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