Rainy day reflection

Redding ca open house
We real estate agents are independent contractors. That means we often work many hours for free, hoping to meet somebody buying or selling a house. This very rainy weekend I held a house open both days on Foothill Blvd, and it was looong time between few lookers. I believe this was also the weekend for NFL playoffs. No playoffs here.

I’m still remaining hopeful that someone will come along eventually; they simply have to. This house is wonderful, and it will also put me in good stead when it comes to having the responsibility of selling homes in the future. In some cases, we may decide to look at other ways to purchase real estate, like through a land contract, for example. The person looking to buy the land makes an agreement regarding the payments with the seller, and will then pay the remaining figures over a certain amount of time. This again is decided between both buyer and seller. But don’t worry, once it has been paid off, the buyer has ownership of the property. Good, right? Of course, you will need a company like Amerinote Xchange to help you along the way, especially if you are looking to sell your own land. And there are some great pieces of land around here, which is probably why so many people have decided to build real estate properties on them. If I was looking for a house, I’d definitely consider buying one in this area, maybe even the homes that I set up an open house for on Foothill Blvd because they were amazing. But just looking for someone, anyone, who is interested in this property is my first obstacle to overcome.
Redding ca open house
Well, there is time for reflection. And whining, apparently! Things could be worse…

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