The wines of Castello di Amorosa

Okay, yes. This isn’t Really Redding. But it’s not all that far away. This is Castello di Amorosa in the Napa Valley, to the south. What is seen above ground is stunning, but perhaps even more amazing is that there are 8 levels below.

I describe this place as “Disneyland for Oenophiles.” It’s not nearly as old as it looks. And the tastings are plainly designed to entice you to buy some fine wine, cheese, and chocolate. Nothing wrong with that.

Redding falls between the Napa Valley and South-Central Oregon for wine appellations. We are west of the Inwood Valley appellation, and the several good wineries in Shingletown and Manton. My good friend Angelo Passidakis grew Zinfandel grapes here in the Redding heat, with some success. And we have Matson Vineyards on the east side of town. They produce a number of fine local vintages. And local favorite Moseley Family Cellars is based in Redding.

A recent story about the proposed Shasta Wine Village had me thinking, “what if it was as awesome as Castello di Amorosa?”
As we left, I couldn’t help but notice their parking area was filled to overflowing.

Something similar would certainly get passersby on I-5 to stop and stick around. I hope the new wine village project doesn’t just provide more of the usual interstate highway stripmall ambiance. We’ll see.

Castello di Amorosa. It’s Really Northern California. And the Redding of our imagination.

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Smokejumpers practice their skills

I was in Mountain Gate when I happened upon these smokejumpers practicing. Click any image to enlarge. Check out the person standing in at the door. Jump!

So, these folks jump leap from perfectly good airplanes…

…into forests of pointy trees…

…that ARE ON FIRE!!!

Godspeed, grace, and protection, Redding smokejumpers. Thank you for your service.

Jumping out of aircraft to put out fires, that’s Really Redding.

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High water release at Shasta Dam

A series of views of the Shasta Dam spillway running at high water release I captured on Feb 12 2017. This water flows into the Sacramento River. I believe the flow was around 70,000 cubic feet per second at this point.

I think this was about the same time that state officials became seriously concerned about the Oroville Dam. Shasta looks solid, though. Click to enlarge:

A TV station in Medford Oregon called and asked permission to use my footage of the Shasta Dam spillway, which I found to be gratifying. I asked them to attribute it to Really Redding.

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Images of Redding from the West

A view of my favorite city beneath a snowbound Lassen Peak. Taken from a friend’s home in West Redding. And look for Redding’s big flag in the lower middle. Thank you Enterprise Lion’s Club for maintaining Redding’s iconic big flag!
CLick to enlarge.

Below, the Sundial Bridge from the same vantage point. You don’t often see the bridge juxtaposed with Best Buy, but here it is.

Really Redding is really beautiful.

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Guardian Angels in Redding

Went to Caldwell Park to take pictures, when I witnessed some of our local Guardian Angels as they encountered a man and a woman in a heated argument.

As the woman stormed off, the Angels followed, making it clear they were there to help if needed. While I’m sure most of us would rather be spending a snowy Saturday sitting by the fire, these citizens go walking around looking for good deeds to accomplish. Very inspiring. Carry on, Guardian Angels. You’re Really Redding.

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A New Year celebration in Redding at Turtle Bay

We rang in the new year at noon at Turtle Bay Exploration Park in Redding.

Happy Noon Year! Welcome to 2017.

Family friendly New Year’s celebrations. Thanks Turtle Bay. That’s Really Redding.

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The Miracle Mile in Redding

As seen from 100 meters, the morning after the longest night in 2016. Click to enlarge.

That’s north Hilltop Drive on the left. If this is your morning commute, congratulations!
It’s Really Redding.

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House of Design in Red Bluff

We take a ride every year about this time down to Red Bluff just to shop at the House of Design. Gorgeous Christmas decor and gifts.

The rest of the year they have great stuff, too. Just about a 35 mile drive. Okay, it’s not Really Redding, but it is really exceptional. You should check them out. Thank you House of Design!

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R&R Meats and Seafood in Redding

They were lined up out the door in the rain today to get fresh crab from R&R Meats and Seafood in Redding. My ticket number was about a hundred away. Still, everyone was cheerful and wishing one another a Merry Christmas, while CJ and his crew worked swiftly and with purpose. A guy in line offered to buy my bag of crabs on the way out the door, lol!

A crab cracking Christmas is Really Redding. Merry Christmas to you all, and to R&R Meats and Seafood. #ThisisRedding

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Sunrise over Redding, 12/19/2016

Brisk, but beautiful sunrise over Redding this morning. Click to enlarge.

Good morning!

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